A solution to plan, prepare and deliver your venues for your events.

Sword Venue

Venues and sites represent a great challenge when organizing an event. They constantly change and must meet high levels of standards and specifications. Sword Venue is a digital collaborative solution with a toolbox to help you plan and deliver your venues better and faster while reducing risk and cost.

Designer Studio

From high-level simplified plans to technical maps: a single source-of-truth for your cartography. Enrich your venue as you plan it to be.

Virtual Visits

Immersive virtual visits from 360° pictures or 3D Modelling that you can access anywhere from any device.

Tasks and Notes

Venue preparation requires the co-ordination of many different internal staff and external vendors. Directly annotate venue drawings to help stakeholders plan together and collaborate seamlessly.

Inventory Management

Preparing a venue involves managing a large number of assets, from tables and chairs for the technical teams, to dedicated furniture for media and broadcasting teams. Create or import your asset lists and manage them easily per venue and per event. Keep track of your assets and improve your venue team efficiency.

Visitor Flow

Sword Venue has the capability to integrate 3rd party data to provide visualisation context to venue and event operators. Easily deploy our visitor flow module to get real-time information on people count in a designated area.
Comply with health and safety standard, and improve your team’s efficiency to manage visitors flow in the venue.

Staff Management

Well-organised events require the right staff to be in the right places at the right times. Manage your staff during all the events’ phases, assign tasks, positioning and inform them which routes to take around the venue to maximise your venue team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Sword Venue foresees your challenges

Our business modules meet your new challenges and continue to prepare, setup and deliver your venues for great events.
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