How Sword Venue is the best event planning tool for local councils and city events ?

Cities and councils face challenges in organizing, planning, and mapping events, including budget constraints, coordinating multiple stakeholders, ensuring public safety, managing logistics and transportation, addressing environmental impacts, accommodating diverse community needs, and maintaining effective communication. Balancing these factors while delivering successful events is complex and demanding, requiring specialized tools to streamline the event management process.

Your challenges and our solutions

Complex environment : Executing events in complex environment such as physical venues and public spaces require agility and accuracy when planning the event.

Sword Venue enables event operators to create centimeter-accurate event plans. It offers a wide variety of basemaps and allows operators to incorporate existing infrastructure plans, which is invaluable for analyzing various event configurations.

Public safety : In the event planning process, anticipating potential risks and enact strategies to mitigate them is crucial.

Sword Venue’s accuracy allows event operators to identify potential public safety risks, such as crowd flow and risk zones. It also enables operators to include notes and notifications, ensuring tasks are completed for the event day.

Coordination Among Multiple Stakeholders : When multiple stakeholders are involved in the planification process, maintaining alignment throughout the event lifecycle is a key challenge.

Sword Venue enables operators to share entire plans or specific parts with all stakeholders, offering unmatched flexibility in terms of permissions. This provides a permanent “single source of truth” for event planning. Additionally, operators can share plans in other formats, such as PDF.

Standardization : Using one centralized planning tool ensure standardization of your planning which is key to maintain and improve event. It also saves time as you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for event after event.

Sword Venue allows city event operators to maintain a centralized library of all their events and create templates for future events.

Budget Constraints : Managing budget is a significant hurdle for event operators, especially when dealing with temporary infrastructure and coordinating with numerous stakeholders across multiple events throughout the year.

Sword Venue enables event operators to include key information in their plans, such as bump-in/bump-out timings and costs. This information can be exported to Excel spreadsheets and dashboards, providing a high level of control over the event budget.

Environmental Impacts : Minimizing waste and reducing the carbon footprint of events is crucial for cities and local governments.

Sword Venue offers a range of valuable decision-making tools for planning your event’s footprint. These tools include the potential integration of specific maps, such as those detailing population density, protected areas, or traffic control. Additionally, Sword Venue provides robust data analysis tools to help operators optimize resource allocation effectively.

Whether you’re planning a sport, corporate, or cultural event, or anything in between, Sword Venue offers the expertise, reliability, and creativity needed to make your event a resounding success. With our unwavering commitment to reactivity, availability, collaboration, proven success, and continuous innovation, choosing Sword Venue is the first step towards ensuring a truly unforgettable event experience.